ISO Quality Award Assessment

Franklyn was trained by UNIDO NQIP in 2014 on how to carry out Quality Award Assessment, Along with 30 others, being the best in the class; he was picked to be the lead assessor for the First National Award exercises organized by UNIDO in Nigeria in 2016. He single handedly designed the Appraisal methodology, Analysis method, both for onsite and Desk Assessment for when he was commended and his contact was extended.

Based on this performance, he was selected to represent Nigeria in the ECOWAS Assessment 2016, in which he also excelled and was the only one communicated for the 2018 Assessment Award.

In both exercises he assessed over 40 organizations across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

He was one of the members of Delegation of ECOWAS Award in Cote devoir in which Nigeria Participated.

Quality Assessment for Quality Award takes the same partner as Audit, Almost the same technique is used, the same values, procedures and regulatory revilement are Audited against, just if it is the third party certification Audits.

The following are some of the organizations he has assessed over time

  • PZ
  • Bagco sack limited Kano
  • Fidson Pharmaceuticals
  • Zakka foods
  • Challa Farms
  • Beloxxi biscuit.
  • Clina Lycet Laboration
  • Glisten Academy and 15 other organizations.